Electric Vehicle Blueprint

Ventura County Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Blueprint

The Ventura County EV Ready Blueprint is intended to accelerate and support electric vehicle and charging infrastructure deployment throughout Ventura County. The Blueprint framework and associated Electric Vehicle Accelerator Plans for the City of Ventura,  City of Oxnard, and the Port of Hueneme are intended to spur rapid adoption of electric vehicles in the region and to make electric vehicles and other clean mobility options fully accessible to everyone in our communities. The Blueprint’s comprehensive recommendations are intended to help local policymakers, community, and business stakeholders take bold action to further accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and expand access to charging infrastructure.

Please email Heather.allen@ventura.org if you have any questions or comments regarding the Blueprint and Accelerator Plans.

EV Ready Blueprint Interactive Map

Please check out the EV Ready Blueprint Interactive Map, which is a visualization tool intended to inform the installation of public EV charging stations. Potential Charging stations are located at the largest workplaces, multi-unit dwellings, and public destinations in the County. Each point has associated data (i.e. location type, number of units, number of charges etc.) that can be viewed by clicking on the icon. Layers can be searched by address or APN, selected by highlighting areas on the map using the polygon tool, or filtered by any associated attributes using the query tool. Each layer can be turned on and off for visualization and exported as a PDF or excel sheet.

EV Ready Communities Challenge Grant

California has ambitious goals to reach five million Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) by 2030. VCREA and Community Environmental Council (CEC) have a grant from the California Energy Commission to create a replicable electric vehicle (EV) Ready Blueprint that describes a step-by-step plan for electrifying transportation in Ventura County. In developing this Blueprint, VCREA and CEC are conducting community outreach on the benefits of EVs and convening a bi-monthly meeting of community stakeholders and local government staff. Additionally, VCREA and CEC have collected data on large multi-family housing complexes, employers, and public destinations that are good fits for new EV charging infrastructure. The Blueprint will include these findings along with a special focus on the Cities of Oxnard, Ventura, and the Port of Hueneme that will detail the infrastructure needed for EVs to be one-eighth of all vehicles by 2030. Completion of this project will grant eligibility for a second phase of funding that will go towards EV charging installations in Ventura County, if approved.

Adoption of Electric Vehicles will benefit Ventura County residents in many ways, including:

  • Lower fueling costs for drivers (charging at home overnight is like paying $1.50/gallon!)
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs (no more oil changes!)
  • Pollution reduction and cleaner air (no tailpipe emissions!)
  • A smooth transition from fossil fuels to clean transportation


Community outreach events are an important part of this project. We welcome you to attend our tabling events and learn more about the benefits of driving electric! Check out the calendar to see what’s coming up!



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Funding Note

The Ventura County EV Blueprint is funded by the EV Ready Communities Challenge Grant from the California Energy Commission. The project is administered by Community Environmental Council, Ventura County Air Pollution Control District, EV Alliance, and Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance, along with other community partners.