During the energy crisis of 2001, energy efficiency and reliability were subjects of discussion by the community leadership in Ventura County. In September 2002, funding was awarded by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the Local Government Commission (LGC) worked with representatives of Ventura County to establish the Regional Energy Working Group (REWG) for the purposes of determining the ability of the region to sustain long-term support for an organization devoted to energy planning and advocacy. The REWG met for six months to create an organizational framework that addressed the goals and financial strategies necessary to meet the broad range of energy issues facing Ventura County. From these discussions came the desire to form a regional energy office. An 18-month plan was developed to chart the initial scope of work and advise potentially interested public agencies, businesses, and individuals of the collaborative efforts underway. Working with elected leaders, energy consultants, public staff and business leaders, the VCREA applied for a second round of CPUC funding in September 2003. Funding was awarded to pursue energy efficiency and VCREA has been serving the region ever since.