Local Government Challenge Grant

For some businesses, the process of identifying, prioritizing, and funding energy efficiency and renewable energy projects remains challenging. Although businesses may be interested in lowering their energy usage, and their associated electricity and gas costs, they are often unwilling or unable to invest in the assessments, such as energy audits or benchmarking, to identify energy savings measures. Even once projects are identified, costs, or the confusion associated with prioritizing projects, often impedes implementation.

As a component of the recently awarded California Energy Commission Local Government Challenge Grant, the Business Energy Efficiency Pilot Program (BEEPP) aims to assist businesses in overcoming these barriers. BEEPP will help identifying energy upgrade opportunities through the kWh Countdown’s free benchmarking and energy audit services, as well as free consultations following the audit services.

BEEPP aims to develop excitement about energy savings opportunities for local businesses in hopes of taking the “BEEPP” out of energy efficiency projects.

Benchmarking Legislation

Benchmarking compares your building’s energy usage to that of similar buildings with comparable hours of operation, function, and climate. Using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as a tool, users will gain insight into how their buildings rank against similar ones in terms of energy usage and learn about opportunities for energy savings.

Effective June 2018, state law (AB 802) requires building owners and operators of all commercial buildings larger than 50,000 square feet are required to benchmark and publicly disclose their energy usage to the California Energy Commission’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program. Starting June 2019, multi-family housing and mixed-use properties with 17 or more residential utility accounts are also required to conduct benchmarking and publicly disclose their energy usage. For more information, please review the California Benchmarking and Public Disclosure Program (AB 802) Frequently Asked Questions.

Check out kWh Countdown or contact Heather Allen at or (805) 654-2871 for information on free benchmarking services.